London’s “Silicon Roundabout” Considered for Twitter’s European Office

Twitter is gearing up to open a European office in the new year, and it looks like they’re considering the trendy, tech-heavy area of London known as the “Silicon Roundabout”.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that Twitter representatives met with property agents last week to look at some property just outside of the UK’s response to Silicon Valley, the Silicon Roundabout – also known as the Old Street roundabout.

The Telegraph alleges that Twitter is “under considerable pressure” to choose a location near this tech-mecca.

It sounds like it would be a prime location for Twitter’s first European office, which the company has said will focus mainly on sales and advertising. The UK government has promised to invest £400m into the area to encourage more “US-style” tech growth.

David Cameron also met with the Twitter representatives in London to try to persuade them to set up their first European offices in the city.

One of the Twitter representatives who was viewing property in London last week told the Telegraph:

“There were a few of us in London this week. We are considering London and other European locations to create an initial and small presence in 2011.”

The rumored London office coincides with other speculation that Twitter will be opening up its Promoted Products to European and other countries in the new year.

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