London Unveils 2012 Olympic Stadium, But Can’t Catch a Break

You know that kid who everyone always got picked on at school and even if you were one of the jerks who was doing your own fair share of picking-on, you occasionally went through a period of sorrowful pity? Such is the case with the London 2012 Olympics. We all know about the logo debacle and the various negative comings and goings here and there that are typical of any huge event, but now, as you might have heard, the design for the showpiece of the event, the Olympic Stadium was unveiled today, complete with this video showing it off and people like The Times’ architecture critic, Tom Dyckhoff are already picking on it, saying that it’s a big, round failure, made particularly worse by London not handling any of this as well as what’s been going on in Beijing in prep for 2008. So we just feel bad about the whole business, because it seems like they just can’t do anything to get people behind them. Though, in the naysayers’ defense, can you blame them when we’re getting quotes like this:

[Rod Sheard, senior principal for the Team Stadium consortium of architects and builders] said the design does not scream from the rooftops, and would not have a spectacular arch such as Wembley stadium in north London, but would impress with its complexity, and will help provide a special atmosphere.

“It is a very tight, very compelling bowl,” he said.

“The atmosphere in this bowl, we think, will be pretty special.”

Clearly Rod had prepared that speech the night before.