London Eye To Become Twitter Sentiment Gauge During Olympics

The London Eye will be transformed during the Olympics to show global Twitter sentiment towards the Games. The more enthusiastically you tweet, the brighter the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe will become.

We’ve written before about how this year is the “social media Olympics“, and here’s another way they Olympics are whipping up a Twitter frenzy.

The BBC reports that EDF Energy, which sponsors the Eye, calls this the world’s first social media light show.

Starting 21:00 BST every day of the Olympics and the Paralympics, the Eye will be lit up to reflect Twitter sentiment towards the Games. Those who use the hashtag #Energy2012 will have their tweet joined with others, analysed by an algorithm developed by sentiment analysis experts.

In the image above, the global sentiment towards the Olympics would be 75% positive (and presumably 25% negative), lighting up the nearly 450-foot tall Ferris wheel.

The show itself will be a 24 minute presentation every night, with each minute representing one hour’s sentiment earlier that day. It will also include a bronze, silver or gold light show, depending on which medals Great Britain brings home.

(London Eye image via Shutterstock)