London-Based Group Starts Work Day With a Rave

ravePut down that cup of coffee and set aside that early morning commute in favor of a rave.

What’s that, a rave you say? You bet.

Morning Glory provides a London-based monthly morning dance experience beginning at 6:30 a.m. and ending at 10:30 a.m. Offering super food, smoothies, coffee, yoga, massages and hula hooping, we wonder how we can sign up?

It sounds like a pavilion of sorts. Instead of a food market, there are ways to get your zen on between exercise and food.

Per a piece on Huffington Post UK, people gather in a space to let their minds roam and either pop in for an hour before their day commences at the office or they linger until the very end.Samantha Moyo tells the site, “We wanted to turn clubbing on its head.” With its drug and alcohol-free environment, she explains:

“A lot of people go to the gym before work, and we thought why not start the day with something more fun? Not that we think the gym is negative, but we want to offer another way of exercising.

We want people to explore using an open space rather than a treadmill and screen or even the confines of a yoga mat.”

Can you tell we’re big fans? In addition to the mental freedom it allows before entering the grind of a day, it’s important to get a human connection before work. Moyo adds, “People are so closed-off on the tube, it’s not ideal to go to work like that.”