Lomography Kickstarter Campaign Turns Your Smartphone into a Film Scanner

If you are still shooting your photos with a 35mm camera, digitizing your film is about to get really, really easy. Lomography’s latest Kickstarter campaign turns your smart phone into a 35mm scanner. This scanner is a lot smarter than other scanners, it can crop and edit your film into animated gifs. You can also share your physical-to-digital images to any one of your social network.

This project is a must-have for the Lomography store whose business in film camera will only benefit from having the means for every photographer to transfer his/her art into digital formats. There are a lot of details still missing from the Kickstarter page, such as the resolution of the scanned images, but you can certainly be sure that photo fiends such as myself are already planning on collecting a scanner for my Brownie if they ever make an 8mm scanner (please, please, please let this be true). This admittance makes me a bit of a lunatic – I know I should just hop on the Instagram train, but I just can’t stand the pre-made filters. Now I can distress my own film and share it on any photo app I want.