Lollapalooza Implements Facebook Connect, Engagement Jumps

The company behind Lollapalooza, c3 Presents, has decided to make Lollapalooza a bit more social before the event by implementing Facebook Connect. While I typically don’t cover every new implementation of Facebook Connect, this most recent one was interesting because of the impressive statistics provided by the company. According to c3 Presents, pageviews are up 99 percent, page views per visit are up 34 percent, and the average time on the site is up 20 percent.

This is a pretty standard result of implementing Facebook Connect on any site. Users are relatively quick to log in with their Facebook account, making it possible to easily create a more social and more custom tailored experience. So far the majority of Facebook Connect implementations have been relatively routine as the effects of implementation remains novel among marketers.

What I’ve yet to see is the integration of Facebook Connect into live interactions although I’ve spoken with at least one company that has some aggressive plans. Authenticating identity is simply one benefit of Facebook Connect. Another significant benefit is the ability to integrate personal information to create a more custom tailored experience.

What’s increasingly clear is that building a new community online is no longer a business plan and is instead becoming a common feature of websites. As tools like Facebook Connect become easier to implement, the web will generally become more social. Lollapalooza is yet another example of how implementing Facebook Connect can increase engagement and generally improve the overall user experience.

Have you found any unique implementations of Facebook Connect yet?