LOLapps Hits a Quiz Grand Slam on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebooks Apps

They’re not good, but they are successful — and that’s all that matters, right? LOLapps is dominating this week’s AppData list of emerging Facebook apps still under a million monthly active users with four quizzes that have picked up a million new users, combined. They all appear to be made with its templating app, Quiz Creator.

You can pick them out below by the identical icon each uses: what tattoo best fits you?, How dirty are you ?, What age will you have your 1st baby ??? and I can guess your name. You can’t see it below, but on our full list, there are four more LOLapps quizzes at rankings 20 to 40.

Here are the top 20:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Jeux Gratuits844,778+721,188+85.37
2. Farmville exclusive667,968+651,588+97.55
3. Music Pets498,952+498,952+100.00
4. Zoo Paradise477,274+427,567+89.59
5. Keyboard Mash!579,322+346,258+59.77
6. what tattoo best fits you?852,972+313,179+36.72
7. Mahjongg Dimensions881,454+308,918+35.05
8. All About Me285,629+285,629+100.00
9. Towner695,212+285,410+41.05
10. How dirty are you ?785,470+249,078+31.71
11. Friend Poll!858,511+247,237+28.80
12. Ameba Pico241,337+241,272+99.97
13. أعرف صاحبك عايز يقولك ايه ؟219,371+219,233+99.94
14. What age will you have your 1st baby ???645,992+211,715+32.77
15. I can guess your name.715,070+208,047+29.09
16. Top Stalkers433,212+191,491+44.20
17. MMA Pro Fighter710,431+184,397+25.96
18. Dedica una cancion343,213+178,020+51.87
19. Jumping Dog683,774+167,712+24.53
20. Glamble521,626+160,859+30.84

Our list doesn’t get much more original. The top app, Jeux Gratuits, we’ll cover over at Inside Social Games. It’s followed by Farmville exclusive, which is the most successful recent FarmVille parasite. Facebook hasn’t been prompt in shutting these down lately, but as of publishing this one has been blocked; the enforcement team may simply be concentrating on the fastest-growing parasites.

Following two more games, there’s Keyboard Mash!, by Ingenious Designs. No need for guesswork here: this app is all about mashing your keyboard as much as possible over 20 seconds. It’s following in the footsteps of How Fast Are You?! PROVE IT, which became a runaway success by asking users to type the ABCs. Oddly, another app by the dev, Mash the keyboard to save kittens!, was not successful.

All About Me, another quiz, appears to be on the list due to a data tracking accident; it’s actually shrinking. Finally, there’s Friend Poll! which is — wait for it — a quiz. It’s by FriendQuizzes, which has a couple other successful quizzes, as well.