Lola Ogunnaike on Using Twitter as a Journalist

Entertainment freelance journalist Lola Ogunnaike has found the way to make the most out of Twitter when it comes to getting instant reactions from celebrities.

“Twitter has made my job a bit easier because you no longer have to wait for a publicist to give you a quote about an incident or not give you a quote about an incident,” said Ogunnaike in this week’s, “So What Do You Do?” interview. “You can actually go to the celebrity’s Twitter page and usually find the answer right there.

The former New York Times and CNN reporter also found that Twitter can be a great reporting asset when out in the field.

“I wasn’t on Twitter before I went to South Africa with the First Lady. Part of my contract for that project was I had to tweet from South Africa while I was there. I realized just how important it is, because I could give instant updates, and it allowed my readers and eventual viewers of the documentary to feel like they were really involved and instantly involved. I gave them a bird’s eye view of what it was like to travel with the First Lady.”

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