Logo Contest: It’s A Really Good Thing Smart People Are Entering

We were starting to get nervous in between the Spugbuckets and the Freudian that we were going to have very little of any legitimacy to show our grand semi-incarcerated jury. Today, though, our trusty mailbox brought us a little something special. A logo, with an explanation. We’re so glad, because as visually astute as we are, we’re absolute dumbasses when it comes to articulating design through words.

We’re gonna give it a shot. We sense it must be something about how we are not beige. How being “unbeige” means that we’re the opposite of beige. So, maybe, the beige would be erased? Or, um, maybe we’re not supposed to read the beige part?

The strike-through of the word beige should be an obvious symbol and transforms the letters into a more interesting shape and form, somewhat tribal-looking, perhaps. The pink line signifies moving forward with the un-ning of the beige.

Un-ning! Obviously! We’re so embarrassed.