Logitech’s Free Touch Mouse App for the iPhone is Oddly Appealing and Fun to Use

I have to admin that I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this free iPhone app from the computer peripherals giant Logitech…

Touch Mouse

This app turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a very expensive touch pad and, optionally, a type virtual keyboard for your Mac or PC. A second piece of software is needed for your desktop to make it all work. You can find drivers for Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X here…


I tried it by installing Touch Mouse on my first generation iPod touch and iMac desktop. Both devices must be visible on a WiFi network to talk to each other. The Touch Mouse app found my iMac right away. I was able to move the mouse cursor on my screen by moving my finger on the iPod touch. Using two finger tips let me scroll down a web page (just like a touchpad on a MacBook).

The next step was to bring up the Touch Mouse virtual on screen keyboard. I switch to a landscape view to make it a bit easier to type. I considered writing this entire blog item using the screen keyboard. But, despite the fact that it works well, typing on a small screen keyboard is still too slow even for a relativelys short blog entry (the iPad might be a different story, however).

I expected Touch Mouse to be a “dumb utility” that I would never use again after testing it. But, I found it quite appealing and fun to use for some reason. I think I’ll try it with a Windows PC next. More later on this topic.