Logan On Her Pregnancy

From Reliable Sources on CNN:

    KURTZ: Now, you got pregnant while you were in Baghdad. Your divorce was not yet final. It is now. You found yourself on the front page of the “New York Post.” You were kind of tabloid fodder for a while. Was that a difficult burden for you?

    LOGAN: Yes, I think it’s very difficult, especially when your job is to be a journalist and not to be a celebrity and you don’t make your living out of being a celebrity, as a journalist and especially the last seven years of my life has been mostly spent in Iraq and Afghanistan and it’s not just a question of being the only person willing to be out there or one of the few, it’s a question of, that’s what you believe in, that’s what’s important.

    And so to find — I found the whole debate over whether or not — now suddenly it’s a question of whether or not you have the ability to do your job or the brains to do your job and I find it amazing, I don’t think that’s …

    KURTZ: Is it sexist? Is it demeaning?

    LOGAN: It is demeaning. I think it is demeaning. I mean, it’s sort of 17 or 18 years that I’ve been doing this and now people question whether or not you have the brains to do it? Would they question that if I was a man? I don’t think so. Not to the same degree.

    KURTZ: Even some of your friends didn’t suggest that maybe you pass up this trip?

    LOGAN: There were people that didn’t think that was a good idea. Absolutely. But the most — why would I listen to that?

Not mentioned in the above discussion, oddly? That it was Howard Kurtz who broke the news of Logan’s pregnancy.

>UPDATE: Kurtz was the first to ask Logan about her pregnancy, but it had been previously circulated by gossip columns.