Log On To Flickr Within Facebook

Flickr, considered Yahoo's most successful acquisition, announced that you can now log on to the photo sharing site from within Facebook, effectively reciprocating the previously available ability to log on to the social network from within the photo sharing site.

Sharing content online faces somewhat of a crossroads: Do you do it where there’s the most functionality for creating the material, or do you aim for the site where more people you know can access your shares more quickly?

That logic underscores why Flickr, considered Yahoo’s most successful acquisition, announced that you can now log on to the photo sharing site from within Facebook.

The vice versa of this — logging on to Facebook from within Flickr — first became available in June, but now there’s reciprocity. Somewhat related to all this, parent company Yahoo has recently added the Connect plugins, and way before that users have been able to connect to Yahoo from within Facebook for the purpose of importing contacts.

(We’ve noticed at least one technology blog saying that newly enabled ability to log on to Flickr from within Facebook comes from Yahoo’s embrace of the Facebook Connect application programming interface, but that’s technically not correct, at least not from a chronological standpoint.)

Flickr has a very specific niche within the world of photography that I personally categorize as hobbyists and enthusiasts who’d love to make a full-time career out of taking pictures, but most of whom don’t yet. Partnerships with with commercial stock houses like Getty Images have transformed Yahoo’s photo site into a place where hopefuls can try to get discovered. However, folks already making a living as commercial photographers continue to have mixed opinions of Flickr, despite the fact that the site offers numerous options for affixing copyrights to one’s images and limiting their visibility.

Some of these same professionals hypocritically share images on Facebook, along with many other amateur photographers who don’t post on Flickr. The surefire way to get one of your pictures in front of most of your friends is to post it on Facebook, because more of your pals are there than anyone else.

The new photo tagging feature coming up on Facebook must have sounded like an alarm bell over at Flickr; even though the picture sharing site has fabulous image-editing tools and a really cool community dedicated to helping each other take better pictures and discover new imagery, being able to tag friends is not part of the equation over there. So increasing the integration of Flickr and Facebook seems like a win-win for anyone who likes to take pictures, because each site has cool features the other doesn’t.

Do you expect to log on to Flickr more frequently now that it’s available within Facebook?