Facebook Pages See (Very) Slight Organic Likes Growth in July

The 5,000 Facebook pages studied by social analytics and reporting firm Locowise saw slight gains in organic likes growth in July compared with May, but was it enough?

The 5,000 Facebook pages studied by social analytics and reporting firm Locowise saw slight gains in organic likes growth in July compared with May, but was it enough?

Locowise discussed its findings in a blog post:

There was a slight increase in organic page growth in July compared to the last time we looked at pages in May. Average growth of organic page likes was at 0.21 percent in July which is slightly higher than the 0.2 percent growth of page likes we saw in the month of May.

This number was at 0.1 percent for the largest pages, those with more than 1 million page likes. Even the smallest pages, those with fewer than 1,000 page likes, had a difficult time growing organically with a 0.3 percent growth of page likes.

This confirms once again that Facebook is now a pay-to-play platform, especially if you’re looking into page growth.

Other July findings by Locowise included:

  • 41.12 percent of pages studied by Locowise used Facebook ads, paying for 28.56 percent of their total reach.
  • The average post reach was 8.24 percent of the total page audience.
  • The average engagement rate was 6.27 percent.
  • Video posts reached an average of 10.89 percent of total page audience, followed by links (9.23 percent), photos (7.79 percent) and text-only status updates (6.57 percent).
  • Engagement rates were as follows: videos (6.79 percent), photos (6.57 percent), links (4.25 percent) and status updates (4.05 percent).

Readers: Did any of Locowise’s findings for July surprise you?


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