LocoPing Will Remember Where You Were & Who Was Around You

I read a press release of an announced but unreleased product that records where you have been in the past 24 hours and other people using the app that were in your vicinity.

Location Based Social Networking Gizmo, LocoPing Mobile App

The developer, Sillero Technologies, designed the app banking on the fact that people want to connect to new people who go to the same places and not limit themselves to the usual social networking members and that People can now use LocoPing to “ping” each other and exchange info without even knowing each other.

The app may prove to be a useful tool for gathering like conferences where attendees can be asked to opt-in to the process by downloading and installing the app on their iPhone or iPad.

Sillero’s announcements states the app will be available in July. A price for the app or its service was not disclosed in the press release.

UPDATE: SocialTimes’ Kenna McHugh has a more detailed take on LocoPing at:

Ping for iPhone Helps You Remember People You Met In The Last 24 Hours

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