Lock8 Smart Bike Lock Lets You Rent Your Bike for Extra Cash

Bike sharing is getting a lot of growth in major cities, but it’s not always where and when you need it most. What if you could rent anyone’s bike? Or, if you want, take a bike from a friend, using your smartphone? With Lock8, that scenario can become a reality.

Lock8 is a non-traditional, electronic bike lock that offers a lot more than bike security. It’s a bike alarm, keyless lock, and rental app in one. The lock and alarm activates when you and your phone walks away. Further, if there is a network of users within close proximity of your bike, they will also be notified of the theft. It’s possible to have a crowd of cyclists chasing a thief in your city.

There’s also the benefit of sharing features – the app lets you give access to any  Facebook friend or those with the app. You can even make a little cash by renting it out to other cyclists in need.

LOCK8’s Smart Bike Lock enables you to make money with your bike. Clicking the ‘visibility’ button on LOCK8’s smartphone application will allow the option to rent your bike out to other verified and rated users of LOCK8’s application. Again, without the hassle of physically sharing keys.

What do you think? Is your bike worth renting?

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