‘Location’ Tops Time Magazine’s List of SXSW Trends

Time Magazine has rolled out its list of top trends from the tech- and media-heavy South by Southwest conference, which wrapped up last week.

Instead of picking a winning application like 2009’s FourSquare or 2007’s Twitter, Time went general, applying the real-estate cliche, “Location, Location, Location” to social media for its top spot. Mobile apps FourSquare and Gowalla jointly embodied the No. 1 position, according to Time.

As for trends relevant to New York publications, the No. 2 item, “Building Platforms, Not Websites” refers in part to a Twitter platform that embeds into sites like The New York Times‘, allowing users to find and follow relevant Twitterers without leaving the main page. No. 6, “Birth of the Backchannel,” is about viewers of major events taking to Twitter and other platforms to provide their own commentary. The “iPad” also made a top-10 showing, and as we’ve seen, numerous publications are angling for distribution on Apple’s touch-screen tablet.

Time‘s top 10 SXSW trends after the jump.

1. Location, Location, Location

2. Building Platforms, Not Websites

3. Social Gaming

4. Augmented Reality

5. Living in the Cloud

6. Birth of the Backchannel

7. Frictionless Payments

8. Social Objects

9. iPad

10. A Richer Web

(h/t minonline)

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