Twitter Improves Location-Based Targeting For Advertisers

Twitter has made it easier for advertisers to target users based on their location.

In an announcement on the company’s Advertising Blog, Twitter unveiled new ways to pinpoint the location of users who see certain ads on Twitter, particularly those users in the UK and Japan.

Advertisers can now target cities like Manchester and London in the UK, and the Tokyo and Osaka regions of Japan.

Twitter started testing location-based ads in late March 2011, with McDonald’s being one of the first companies to test out the new ability the following month. At the time, beta testers could target Promoted Tweets by country, and within the US, by some major cities. Country targeting expanded to the UK in September 2011 when Twitter opened up its then-still-beta advertising program to UK advertisers.

The new location targeting means that advertisers can now gear deals, discounts, events and more towards a location-specific group of their followers. It also coincides with the recent interest-targeting option that Twitter rolled out to advertisers, which allows them to reach individual users who share common interests or who are associate with specific accounts.

Twitter doesn’t have access to the same user-generated demographic data as Facebook does, but the company is doing all it can to compete with the social media giant in terms of selling its ads. And considering that Twitter is more mobile-friendly than Facebook, its location targeting might help it pull ahead.

(Pin and map image via Shutterstock)