Location-Based Gaming Apps Reaching Out to College Students

Location-based social apps are making a push to attract college students, with SCVNGR, a Google Ventures-backed app, making the biggest push of all.

According to Mashable, Foursquare launched its Foursquare for Universities program  a couple of weeks ago, and both Whrrl and Gowalla are making inroads with co-eds.

But SCVNGR is going the extra mile, partnering with 350 universities, and setting up scavenger hunts to help students acquaint themselves with a new campus, encourage participation in campus events, and more.

SCVNGR University Specialist Christina Dorobek attributes the company’s emphasis to founder and CEO, 21-year-old Seth Priebatsch, who developed the technology while at Princeton.

“He saw that the college-age demographic were early adopters of mobile technology in the first place, and wanted to get them using their cellphones to explore their cities,” Dorobek, told Mashable.

[Image via CityTownInfo.com]