Locate Your Friends In Real Time

Where are you, your friends and your favorite hot spots located? Those questions, and others, are answered by Whrrl, a powerful new social network.

whrrlIn a nutshell, the new service allows users to find basic information and leave reviews about local establishments and share reviews with other Whrrl members or your Whrrl friends. Upon sign in, a Google Map mashup with overlays of local businesses will take up half of your screen. Each is represented by a dot, that when clicked on will reveal review/ratings. A filtering option exists to view those only left by “friends” or by the “public” at large.

If you’re not the mappy type, the Whrrl Sifter tool lets you search via text box. Regardless of how you search for businesses, whenever you click on a member’s name, you’ll see all of the places they’ve reviewed.

Also available as a mobile application a new feature coming soon will allow you to track your friends via GPS (only if they let you) with a donwloadable application. Cancel dinner plans with a buddy cause you have a hot date? We’ll now he’ll know if you really were at that fancy uptown restaurant. But he still won’t know if she’s really hot. Supposedly, the GPS will be so accurate that you will actually see the establishment your friend is frequenting.

If you’re out and about, now you can get your pals recommendations without having to bother them with a phone call.

And it wouldn’t be a social network without the ability to post images and receive alerts about your friends activities from your phone.

In the midst of a campaign to target 18 to 20 year olds, we might be slightly above the target market, but we’re young at heart and like what Whrrl has to offer.