LocaModa, TouchTunes Socialize Jukeboxes

allegro_mx-1_3quarter.jpgLocaModa, whose mobile social platform connects people and places, has partnered with digital jukebox provider TouchTunes to extend the “TouchTunes experience” to mobile phones. What this really means is that if you’re at a bar or restaurant with a TouchTunes jukebox, you can use your cell phone to interact with the juke’s flat-panel display.

The two are working on some joint applications that will let users upload their own content to the jukebox screen from their social networking profiles on their phones or the Internet. Folks who are wondering if they should hit their favorite hangout can check to see which of their friends are there and what music is playing before showing up. And if they decide not to go, they can send a message to “gift” a song to the friend they’re ditching.