Localytics: High-End Android Phones Show Higher Engagement than iPhones

The analytics company measured app launches and found some surprising results.


While there’s a general assumption that Apple’s iOS is superior to Android in terms of user engagement, mobile analytics company Localytics has released new data, challenging this theory. Localytics measured over 100 million mobile devices, globally, since 2012, and discovered when looking at high-end Android devices (like the Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3 and Sony Xperia Z3, among others), Android phones have a 40 percent higher engagement rate than iPhones.

Android vs iPhone App Launches

Specifically, users of high-end Android phones launch 21.6 apps per month, on average. That’s 44 percent higher than the rest of the Android platform, at 13.7 launches per month, and higher than iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, at 14.3 launches per month. Look past Apple’s newest releases, and the number drops even lower. Other iPhone devices have the lowest rate of app launches per month, at just 13.

Android Fragmentation Localytics

According to Localytics, another common misconception should also change, as its findings show operating system fragmentation is at an historic low on Android, making it easier to create “consistent user experiences” than the stereotype might present. When analyzing data as far back as Q1 2012, the Android market is the least fragmented it has ever been during that time, with 90 percent of all Android devices running one of two Android OS versions: KitKat at 59 percent, and Jelly Bean at 31 percent.

Over on iOS, the results are higher, as 97 percent of all iPhones are running either iOS 7 (26 percent) or iOS 8 (71 percent).

With the encouraging figures for Android OS adoption, Localytics is encouraging developers to do more research into the Android platform as they develop and release apps, to avoid missing out on “valuable business opportunities.”

Localytics’ complete findings are available here.