LocalMind for iPhone/iPad Crowdsources Hyperlocal Q&A

Here’s a free app for the iPhone and iPad that tries to address the need for hyperlocal information by using crowdsourcing for the content.

Localmind (iTunes App Store)

Localmind can use Foursquare, Facebook or Gowalla for check-in information. People can ask you about places at or near where you have checked-in. You can also look at where others have check-in and ask a question about that place or area. The app looks good and is easy to use. However, like all apps and services that require crowdsourcing, there isn’t much content unless a lot of people actually use it in the area of interest. And, unfortunately, it looks like very few people have tried the app in my area. In fact, if I am interpreting the app’s display correctly, there are only 2,451 people actively using the app worldwide at the moment.

While the app is promising, there are a couple of issues that need to be addressed:

1. How might it be possible to insure that that questions are appropriate for the actual area checked-in? I noticed a couple of questions that were about places not anywhere near to the checked-in site.

2. How can responses/answers be vetted for accuracy?

Via ReadWriteWeb: Mobile App Makes Your Friends’ Phones Your Eyes & Ears Around Town: Localmind Adds Photos & More

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