Local Writer Pens Stoner Column for GOOD Mag

Never one to shy away from controversy, GOOD magazine has given Los Angeles-based writer Tess Lynch an online marijuana culture column. The column, called High Minded,  will be published every other Friday. And how does one land the dream gig of stoner culture columnist? Lynch explains:

I did a reading with Ann Friedman (executive editor of GOOD and brilliant curator of Lady Journos) a little while ago. It was really fun. I think at some point before the reading, I probably mentioned that I was stoned (because readings are terrifying and more chill that way), and this eventually led Ann to think of me for a column over at GOOD. I’m grateful to myself for being tackily honest.

Telling magazine editors you’re high as a kite may not be the most orthodox approach to landing a job, but we’d prefer it to sending in resumes.