Local Search Engine City Search To Add Social Features

CitySearch, a local-entertainment web site owned and operated by the InterActiveCorp or IAC is introducing social networking features in a bid to attract more advertising sales as well as entice users into sharing about local businesses. If you’ve been using CitySearch, these new features will let you highlight restaurant reviews and other recommendations by other CitySearch users as well as from their Facebook friends.

With the new social networking features, CitySearch is aiming to expand its home pages featuring 140 cities to around 75,000 covering even the smallest part of local neighborhoods. This will also bring more local advertising to CitySearch’s online retail estate, and the company is hoping to get a piece of the local search advertising market currently dominated by Yellow Pages and other newspapers.

Jay Herrati, IAC’s head sums up the new changes with CitySearch during an interview with Bloomberg:

“CitySearch is going hyperlocal, We’re going from being a city guide to being a neighborhood guide.”

One of the new features to be rolled out by CitySearch to its site is a new look which will emphasize editor’s picks of local services such as restaurants, plumbing services and many more. CitySearch is hoping to generate more user-generated recommendations which are based on actual user experiences on those local establishments.

Another feature is the new Facebook integration which will surely help in boosting an establishment’s popularity by way of the user-reviews.

And finally CitySearch will also be allowing users to post their reviews as soon as they’ve finished a transaction with a specific local business or company directly from their mobile phones. Likewise, users can get recommendations from their mobile phones as well.

Before you head out to CitySearch to check new features, the new features won’t be available until next year. In the meantime you might want to check now what CitySearch can do for your local searching needs.

Via TechCrunch