Local David Remnick Groupies Crash AMC After-Party In Phoenix


Remnick, right, with New York’s Adam Moss and Jann Wenner at the 2006 National Magazine Awards, has spawned groupies once reserved for bands featured in Rolling Stone

We’re not sure if this is an indictment of American celebrity or just plain sad, but shuffling between the cigar bar at the American Magazine Conference’s “late-night DJ party” and the bar at the Arizona Biltmore we encountered what can only be described as “magazine executive groupies,” who had crashed the after-hours portion of the conference with the express purpose of meeting New Yorker editor David Remnick and, if not Remnick, Jane editor Brandon Holley.

Armed with vague sounding business cards, the groupies, however, went home disappointed. “We heard he left right after his Obama interview,” said one of the “groupies” who asked not to be identified. “We saw the schedule online and just decided to show up,” another said. “Plus, we’re sick of Phoenix and want better jobs.”

Holley, who did not partake in the cigar smoking session, bolted before the “groupies” could get to her.

These were not the only magazine groupies to surface at AMC. Other “attendees” without laminates left the conference hall hauling armfuls of complimentary general interest magazines, multiple copies of Playboy in tow.

“They probably just wanted something to read by the pool,” a fellow attendee said.

FishbowlNY will be blogging live this week from the American Magazine Conference — the annual pow-wow of high-powered magazine executives — at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa in Phoenix. Check back often for our extended coverage.

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