Small-Town Texas Radio Station Launches With a Logistical Assist From the Lone Star National Bank

On the wings of the federally enacted Local Community Radio Act

In this day and age of smartphone apps and digital radio-station streams, it might seem odd to think that a low-powered FM outlet with only a terrestrial format would launch in the year 2017. But that’s the case this month in Brownsville, Texas, under the auspices of the Local Community Radio Act, passed by Congress in 2010.

KXIQ 105.1 FM, spearheaded by the Brownsville Society for the Performing Arts (BSPA), went live July 12. When the organization approached the Lone Star National Bank to seek permission to put an FM antenna on the roof, the bank threw in third-floor studio and office space. And so live, from the bank, it’s the radio station.

Per the radio station’s website:

Unlike full-power commercial AM and FM stations, our FCC License will not expire or need periodic renewals. It is unassignable, unlimited, unassignable and was granted to the BSPA totally free of charge. Experts on the subject consider this as the last time the FCC will allocate additional analog FM radio frequencies. There is simply no more clear space available. The implications are considerable. KXIQ-LP 105.1 FM will be the only secular FM radio station in Brownsville to broadcast live at any time of the day or night.

As mentioned, stations that fall under the Local Community Radio Act do not yet have a digital component, but that is expected to change. The new signal reaches approximately 150,000 Rio Grande Valley residents, in Brownsville and parts of nearby Matamoros.

P.S. KXIQ can’t quite match the powerful anniversary date of The Brownsville Herald. As you can see by the nameplate above, they were ‘BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY 1892’!

P.P.S. Kind of funny that the ad below the big Sunday front-page spread about KXIQ is for… another bank.