Local Anchor Grimaces, Throws Shade, Goes Viral

This is viral content, ladies and gentlemen.

April-Simpson-Fox2-St.-LouisMeet April Simpson.

She’s a skilled and respected general assignment reporter with St. Louis FOX affiliate KTVI, and she’s capable of poppin’ that neck in a minute. How do we know?

There she is sporting a nice sundry couture arrangement during yesterday’s broadcast with her douchenozzle co-host Tim Ezell (who was reported to have left the station last July).

He thought he would bring in some comedy because it’s FOX after all, and decided live TV would be a good time to call her “The Hamburglar.”

For the young’uns in the PRNewserverse, that was a reference to an old McDonalds icon — and it was definitely NOT a compliment for a young lady sporting a black and white striped turtleneck.

Kevin Hart saw that look she gave him, posted it on Facebook…and the rest was a viral history.