Lloyd Grove: Too Sexy For The Reliable Source

We’re going to spend the morning talking about Washington-related New York gossip, since there doesn’t seem to be anything going on here on this terrible, awful, no good rainy day.

Lloyd Grove, whom you might remember as being the Post’s Reliable Source before the Reliable Source was cool, gave himself a giant pat-on-the-back today in his new Daily News column, explaining all of the news he’s broken:

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: That New York Times bosses allegedly fired former Baghdad bureau chief Susan Sachs, claiming she ratted out colleagues John Burns and Dexter Filkins by sending anonymous notes to their wives, alleging flings in the war zone. That Paramount Television shows “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider” paid more than $800,000 to convicted child molester Mary Kay Letourneau and her victim-turned-fiance, Vili Fualaau, for a sweeps-month exclusive on their wedding. That the late Alistair Cooke’s 92-year-old widow, Jane, was forced out of her 50-year home by rent-raising landlord Arnold Goldstein. That Mary-Kate Olsen left her table at the Costume Institute Gala to chain-smoke in the ladies room at the priceless-old-painting-filled Metropolitan Museum of Art.

And that Ashton Kutcher is a sprinter in the sack – at least that’s what fashion designer Cynthia Rowley said she discussed with Demi Moore. Those are just a few of the scoops you’ve read recently in Lowdown.

Hmm. That certainly all sounds much more interesting than anything we’ve read on the Post’s C3 recently. Today’s first new edition of Names & Faces, which for the time being will host a rotating cast of Non-Annes, told us that Lindsay Lohan has recently lost weight by working out.

If you have any real news today, please let us know.