Llewellyn Won’t Snooze Through Tiresome Disease

White House Chronicle host Llewellyn King has a fierce new interest: He has become a voice for people who suffer from an incurable disease, myalgic encephalomyelitis, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

After writing a slew of columns for the Hearst-New York Times syndicate on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and receiving hundreds of letters of gratitude from those who suffer with the disease, he has started a dedicated YouTube channel, MECFSAlert. In various taped episodes, King says he wants to educate people and convince Congress to spend the bucks to find a cure. The channel is also a place for the afflicted to offer one another suggestions and comfort on how to best live with the disease.

“This is right up there with the most important stories I’ve ever covered,” he said. “There are a million victims in the United States – 17 million worldwide – who are the living dead. Their suffering is appalling. They need to be heard in the medical establishment, in Congress and in the general media.”

Want to wind down before your afternoon siesta? Watch him here.

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