Llewellyn King Sheds Light on Changes for “White House Chronicle”

Llewellyn KingA little (anonymous tip) birdie told us recently that Llewellyn King, host and creator of “White House Chronicle” — a weekly news and public affairs program now in its 18th year on more than 200 television stations including PBS, Sirius XM’s POTUS channel, and Voice of America — is “preparing a radical overhaul of his television program.”

We reached out to King, who said that while no plans are set to drastically change the program, he has been exploring new options for partnership.

“I would love to meet up with a print publisher who wants to get into television, and just revitalize the franchise that way. It’s a very good franchise. We have excellent following on Sirius XM for the audio and pretty spread out but good syndication on PBS and paid stations.”

The newsman, who’s been in the television industry for 58 years, is cognizant that TV programs need “to be revitalized from time to time” and went on to quote Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric, ‘If the rate of change internally is not faster than the rate of change externally, the end is known.’

“Well, I’ve seen that in many publications around the globe that I’ve been affiliated with or worked for,” said King, who then referenced recent meetings where he’s asked, “Hey, are you interested? Maybe we can do something here together.”

Are you (interested)? If so, find his contact info here.