Lizzie Grubman Sued By Former Staff Member

The New York Post reports that Lizzie Grubman is being sued by her former driver/bodyguard Tomas Gonzalez, who alleges she owes him $400,000 (!). Gonzalez worked with Grubman for many years and said to the Post, “She told me people weren’t paying her and she couldn’t pay me.”

The story goes on to say that Grubman’s hairstylist also filed a civil suit against her three months ago seeking payment for services.

Grubman didn’t comment for the story, although both a source and her lawyer jump to her defense, saying her financial house is in order and these claims are “without merit.”

We’ve reached out to Grubman and will update this story with any comment we receive from her.

*Update after the jump.

John Rosenberg, Grubman’s attorney and the attorney for her firm, called us with the following statement, which is much the same as the one given to the Post:

“My client views these claims, which were brought by a disgruntled former employee, to be entirely without merit and she is fully confident that she will prevail in court.”