Liz Smith, Post Rip Off ‘Lunch at Michael’s’

lizsmith_ripoff.jpgThe New York Post needs to get some original ideas.

After blatantly ripping off Gawker’s Stalker map feature for its redesigned Web site, columnist Liz Smith apparently decided to rip off FishbowlNY’s weekly Lunch at Michael’s column:

WHY DO we go to Michael’s like the lemmings we are? Certainly not for the food. Here’s who I saw there on Tuesday – You already heard about Regis Philbin and Michael Eisner, together again. Katie Couric, sparkly and spiffy in a black sweater set, with agent Alan Berger. The elusive social butterfly Pat Buckley was with Parker Ladd and Arnold Scaasi. (The latter says he’ll sell his Beekman Place townhouse to me for only $10 million.) Frank Gifford and a great-looking Kathie Lee were there, but I believe didn’t lunch together. Hearst’s new tycoon Ellen Levine with ABC producer David Sloan. Bonnie Fuller of Bonnie Fuller fame and cosmetic king Leonard Lauder. Producer Terry Allen Kramer with lots of Nederlanders. Texans Joe Armstrong and Jack Martin, the opinion maker of Public Strategies. The Harpies lunch group led by Nora Ephron and Peggy Siegal. Miss America Phyllis George in from Los Angeles. Add agent Boaty Boatwright, “it” girl Cornelia Guest, editors Alice Mayhew and Pamela Gross, social diarist David Patrick Columbia. Also, Barry Diller, who I wish I had been lunching with. And like that! Those french-fried potatoes, so admired by Bill Clinton, were flying!

The fly-on-the-wallness! The breezy observations! The goofy narrative! We would’ve never thought of that — especially on a Tuesday! Only in New York, kids. Only in New York.

NOTE: Look for our newest media gossip feature, “Page Seven,” tomorrow on FishbowlNY.

UPDATE: Says an e-mailer, anonymously, mind you: “Do you really think you were the first people *ever* to report on who’s having Lunch at Michael’s? This is old, old, old hat. Grow up and get some original ideas of your own.”