LivingSocial Expands into 25 New Markets in 3 Countries

In an effort to take the top spot in the thriving group buying space, LivingSocial has expanded its daily discounts into 25 new markets across 3 countries. This places LivingSocial only a handful of markets away from its biggest competitor, Groupon. With LivingSocial expanding into an average of one market per day since July, it’s clear that the company wants to overtake Groupon and become the leading provider of discounted meals, spa treatments and cupcakes across the US and beyond. Read below the jump to see if LivingSocial has expanded into your area.

Today’s 25-market launch includes 20 markets in the US, 3 in Canada and 2 in the United Kingdom. These markets include:

United States: Albuquerque, Charleston, Chattanooga, Cincinnati, Colorado Springs, Dayton, El Paso, Fresno, Grand Rapids, Greenville, Honolulu, Hudson County, Milwaukee, North Jersey, Salt Lake City, Savannah, Tucson, Virginia Beach, Westside/South Bay (Los Angeles County) and Wilmington

Canada: Calgary, Edmonton and Mississauga

United Kingdom: Glasgow and Leeds

LivingSocial now reaches a grand total of 89 markets serving over 85 million customers, still behind Groupon but catching up rapidly.

Tim O’Shaughnessy, CEO and co-founder of LivingSocial has this to say about the latest expansion:

“We’re finally in Hawaii! We love launching in great new markets – places we all enjoy visiting and taking in the local culture. We’re really excited to work with merchants in all of these new markets to offer residents and visitors a chance to try out restaurants, shops, services, and attractions at amazing prices. We’re growing fast, but our Deal experience will remain the same – top quality merchants, significant savings, and customized and tailored deals.”

The appeal of LivingSocial, like its rival Groupon, is all in the discount: up to 90% off a new service, event, or product every day. And with a presence in large cities like LA and New York, some of these deals are purchased by thousands of people a day. In order to get such huge discounts, these sites participate in what is known as group buying, where they use the power of the bulk purchase to offer vendors an attractive way to advertise their business to a large group of interested consumers, and they offer consumers a way to explore new attractions at huge discounts.

This expansion comes on the heels of a recently released Android application from LivingSocial which allows users to view, purchase, and redeem daily deals without having to print off the certificate as they previously required. And LivingSocial is also rolling out a Family Edition that allows families to receive targeted deals at zoos, museums and art galleries in select cities.

As this is the second major multi-city launch that LivingSocial has undertaken in 2010, it’s clear that the company is hungry to become the leading provider of these daily deals not only in the US but in Canada and the UK as well.