LiveWorld Brings Its Community and Moderation Services To Facebook Pages

More brands are moving on to Facebook, using pages to engage with users — but brands need to make sure they can manage the free-wheeling nature of user discussions without getting overrun by spam or inappropriate content. LiveWorld is the latest company to try to solve these problems. Already an established forum and community moderation services provider for major brands on the web, the company is launching three applications designed to live within Facebook Pages. Its first client will be Campbell’s Soup, although chief executive Peter Friedman says it has many more in the works.

Each is designed to help users and brands interact more easily, and appropriately. LiveWorld has already developed a filter for things like spam and foul language, and lets brands review and decide to approve or reject user content within a back-end administrative system. Its administrative panel also includes metrics about things like most active users and discussions. It also provides its own in-house support staff, for brands looking to outsource the labor.

The forums app lets users create and comment on discussion threads, but it goes further than the basic Facebook-created “discussions” app by letting brands do things like add polls and customize the HTML.The “Idea Power” app lets a company share or solicit ideas from users, for instances where it wants to do market testing for a new product or whatnot; users can upload, vote on and tag content, and not just text but also photos, audio and videos. A third application lets a brand create a question-and-answer format for users, so people can come in, see if their own question has been answered already, and decide if they want to ask their own. Each application also includes standard features, like links to user profiles and the option to post activity back to users’ walls and news feeds.

San Jose, Calif.-based LiveWorld also offers additional staffing support and consulting services for brands, and it is pushing that part of its business on to Facebook, as well.

All in all, this is a significant move by an established online services company to help brands integrate Facebook with the rest of their activities on the web. Facebook features can also be integrated with LiveWorld’s other online applications within a single back-end system so a company can more easily manage user interactions in multiple online locations.

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