LiveScribe Echo Smartpen

Image courtesy of LiveScribe

I bought the 2GB model of the LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen in the Spring of 2009. It has been a constant mobile gadget companion since then. I’ve used it for note-taking, doodling, and even recording podcasts with guests over on the phone. Its ability to sync recorded audio with ink text and drawings on paper has been a great asset.

However, even great devices are destined to be eclipsed someday. And, it looks like the Pulse’s day to be eclipse has come. LiveScribe released the new Echo Smartpen. It can be purchased with either 4 or 8GB storage(up from the original 1 or 2GB and later 4GB Pulse models. It has has a micro-USB connetor instead of the proprietary docking connector on the Pulse. A small but extremely welcome change is the Echo’s flatter look designed to prevent rolling. The round Pulse rolls all over the place. I constantly need to find ways to keep it in one place on a desk or table.

Gear Diary’s Dan Cohen has a great detailed review of the Echo Smartpen at:

Livescribe Introduces Next Generation Hardware and Software Smartpen System — Review

LiveScribe Echo Smartpen (product page)

Livescribe updated its desktop software too. You can read the release notes for version 2.4.2 here:

LiveScriber Desktop release notes

– Support the new Echo smartpen.
– Launch Line and tap-around: Quickly launch any Open Paper application installed on your smartpen. Open Paper applications are applications that do not require pre-printed paper controls to function.
– Paper Replay Password: Prevent others from listening to your recorded audio on your smartpen.
– Configure Auto-Off Time: Set the length of time before your smartpen automatically powers off.
– View Smartpen Name: View your smartpen name that you set using Livescribe Desktop.
– Localized Quick Launch: Write Quick Launch commands in your native language for certain Livescribe smartpen applications.
– Delete Current Session shortcut: Use a tap-based shortcut to delete the most recently accessed Paper Replay session.