Twitter, Facebook And LinkedIn – Inside The Lives Of Social Networking Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic from GOOD and Column Five Media uses data from the last batch of research by Pew Internet (which we covered here, here, here and here), and takes a closer look at how adults are using social networking sites.

The visual maintains that sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn not only help to build connections, but also trust, community and social engagement.

The key takeaways:

  • Users of social networking sites have (slightly) more close friends
  • Internet and social networking site users are more likely to think that people can be trusted than non-internet users
  • The 23-35 demographic makes up 26% of all social networking users
  • LinkedIn users are the most politically-engaged, but Twitter users are more likely to have attended a rally

(click to enlarge)

(Source: Scribbal.)

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