Liveblogging Tabloid Wars: ‘You Want To Drive The Pen Right Through Your Eye’


  • 9:01PM EST: Daily News could put a murder story on every page of the paper, and judging by the newroom’s dark humor, they often would like to.
  • 9:02PM EST: “When the Post has something we don’t have, you want to drive the pen right through your eye.”
  • 9:04PM EST: Kerry Burke investigating a flood in an apartment that killed two children from his desk. At least he doesn’t have to wear his backpack.
  • 9:05PM EST: The Daily News sports page utilizes interns who can quote Milwaukee Brewers scores on demand.
  • 9:06PM EST: Uh oh. Infographic says Tabloid Wars is moving to a new time: 7/6 CT.
  • 9:09PM EST: Intern has to cover a New York Liberty practice in Tarrytown, gets lost. Perhaps a time change for this show isn’t such a bad idea.
  • 9:17PM EST: Burke hunting for pictures of boys who were scalded with hot water — doesn’t want to sound cold-blooded but this is “a great story.”
  • 9:20PM EST: Intern fetches sports editor Leon Carter water, gets lambasted by Carter for headline he wrote that was published in paper. Question: Where was Carter when it went came time to edit?
  • 9:29PM EST: Burke gets exclusive pictures of scalded children. Scalded kids don’t sell newspapers, so Matt Lauer gets cover.
  • 9:34PM EST: Intern covers New York Liberty game at Madison Square Garden. The Garden only has dial-up connection. Drama ensues.
  • 9:44PM EST: News of a decapitation forces deputy editor Greg Gittrich‘s glasses to come off, newsroom to debate how to present the story as non-sensational, non-exploitive yet still sell newspapers. “Machete Monster”? Nah, not exploitive at all.
  • 9:52PM EST: The Garden’s “m*therf*cking, c*cksucking, m*therf*cking” Internet connection causes the intern to miss his first-ever deadline.
  • 9:57PM EST: His punishment? Covering a press conference back at the Garden.

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