Liveblogging tips and tricks

Are you planning on covering an event that will captivate a large audience? Sure you could write a traditional encapsulation of the goings-on, but why not liveblog it?

Liveblogging can provide up to the minute coverage of any interesting event for online readers to follow, including award shows, political events, natural disasters, court proceedings, sports events, you name it.

Whether the blog is presented in chronological or reverse chronological order is up to you, but depends largely on how many live visitors you are expecting. If a great number of readers follow the liveblog as it is updated, it is best to put updates at the top, so they can be seen quickly without the need to scroll to the bottom of the page. It may seem disappointing if there aren’t a large number visitors aren’t reading the liveblog as its being posted, but keep in mind most users read liveblogs well after the event as a recap of what they have (or haven’t seen).

CoverItLive also provides an instant message-like approach to liveblogging and allows the blogger to include real time photos, video and audio clips along with the text. Read extensive reviews of the service at ReadWriteWeb and Webware.

If you don’t have a laptop handy (or even if you do), its easy to send updates from your cell phone using Twitter Twitter. Find out more about the journalistic applications of Twitter at Poynter’s E-Media Tidbits.

For those who are covering a live event and need a little extra help with their lines, CuePrompter is like having on your own teleprompter in the field. If you have a laptop handy, simply type in your copy into the space provided and select the speed at which you read. Place the laptop near the camera and you’re ready to read.