Live Media Group Launches nowlive App for Live Event Streaming

The nowlive app offers live streams of major live events, from movie premieres to music festivals and beyond.

Live Media Group has announced the launch of its nowlive live streaming app on iOS and Android devices. Like services including Meerkat and Periscope, nowlive allows users to watch events as they happen on their mobile devices, but instead of allowing all users to stream content, nowlive was built for live event brands and focuses on structured events, including movie premieres and music festivals.

The nowlive app allows users to watch four channels of HD content simultaneously, with picture-in-picture controls allowing users to control the size and position of channels during each event. While watching, users can instantly toggle any channel to be the full-screen view, while the app’s social stream technology integrates social media posts into the experience (tweets may scroll across the bottom of the screen, for instance).

Events are also available for on-demand viewing after an event has finished. For instance, movie fans can watch past streams for the premieres of films including Magic Mike XXL and Pitch Perfect 2. Future events include the “Best of Summerfest” in early July 2015, which will highlight performances from the music festival, and Tomorrowland Belgium, which will be broadcast in late July 2015.

In addition to free events, pay-per-view events may also be broadcast on the app, requiring users to purchase access to the stream if they’d like to watch.

In a statement, Brad Sexton, president and CEO of Live Media Group, commented on the app:

We spent the past five years developing the nowlive technology because our clients were asking for a high quality, innovative live broadcast experience. We don’t just broadcast a linear single feed, we give fans and viewers control. Our platform delivers a best in class viewing experience; a space for multi-faceted storytelling where the audience is an active participant. Live event broadcasts have the ability to engage the audience—you just need the right platform.

The nowlive app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The platform’s live events are also available to view on the Web.