Live life in 10-second bursts with Moovee

Moovee is a new iOS app from the company of the same name. It’s available now as a free download from the App Store, with no additional in-app purchases.

Moovee is a very simple app indeed: its sole purpose is to allow its users to shoot short video clips of up to 10 seconds in length, then share them online both via Moovee’s own mobile-social network as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Upon starting Moovee and signing in using either a proprietary account or Facebook, the user is immediately taken to the service’s main feed. From here, videos are displayed one at a time, automatically advancing to the next when the previous one is finished. Each video shows how many times it has been viewed along with any likes and comments it has received, and also provides the viewer the opportunity to do either of these things. A simple double-tap on a video quickly provides a “like”, tapping starts and stops the video and tapping and holding restarts it from the beginning. All content may also be shared via Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS/iMessage or the iOS clipboard with the tap of a share button in the corner of the screen.

Shooting and submitting video is a simple matter of tapping the camera icon in the corner of the screen, which immediately takes users to a standard-looking iOS camera display. From here, the user may shoot as much video as they like and subsequently “crop” it to 10 seconds or less using the standard iOS video-editing interface. After the video has been saved and compressed, the user may add a short description, their location data and decide whether or not they would like to include audio. Once this step has been completed, the video is posted online for everyone to see. It’s a quick and simple process with a lot of immediacy.

Aside from viewing the “featured” and “latest” feeds, there are a variety of channels available for the user to browse, each on a particular theme. These channels appear to largely be populated through the use of hashtags in descriptions. Using the channels or the search function, users may look for specific content on the service, or dedicated “Friends” and “Nearby” feeds allow users to find content from either people they know or are in the vicinity of their current location. If the user does not have any friends using the service, the “Friends” feed simply displays material from the “Featured” feed.

Moovee is a decent social video-sharing app that works well, but there’s not a lot to distinguish it form other similar offerings out there. It loses out to Vine in particular by the fact that it’s only possible to shoot a new movie in a single shot, rather than quickly and easily starting and stopping or creating “stop-motion” animations. Moovee does at least provide the facility to import video from the device’s camera roll, so it’s possible to edit the clip in another app and then publish it using Moovee, but that somewhat negates the immediacy of the rest of the app.

On the whole, Moovee is a well-designed app that certainly looks nice, but it’s too early to tell whether or not it will resonate enough with the community to take off. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, but it’s also not really doing anything that other social video-sharing apps don’t already do. It’s one to revisit in a month or two, then, to see how active the community is by then.

You can follow Moovee’s progress with AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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