Live Green, Go…Somewhere That Isn’t Work


Honestly, you’re at work today? That’s really lame. You know what you should be doing? You should be on a beach somewhere, reading. Granted, this writer isn’t doing that (he’s in Iowa City right now, which doesn’t have so many beaches), but that still doesn’t remove his license to yell at you and tell you what you should be doing. And now that you’re packing up, ready to leave for the day, pick up a copy of Green Design, edited by Buzz People. Looks terrific. All about product design, but the process of shifting the entire projects into a more green direction. Loads of colors, interesting essays, and nifty, progressive companies to think about and admire. Here’s some:

Green Design colorfully documents the rising trend to create and market new and innovative products that help consumers downsize and upgrade their lives. Through a carefully chosen selection of green toys, objects, fabrics, paper and alternative energy sources, the photographs and articles in Green Design illustrate what happens when green-minded lifestyles meet well-designed, high quality products. Many of the examples in this book show how successful business plans can flourish when ecological and social responsibility are core considerations.