Live Gamer Cuts Deal with Sony, Launching Upgraded Virtual Monetization Services

Live Gamer’s monetization services are getting an upgrade and will go live on four Sony Online Entertainment titles, the company said today. The titles include massive multiplayer online games PoxNora, Free Realms, EverQuest and EverQuest II.

For those not familiar, Live Gamer is one of several companies competing to offer virtual monetization services to game developers (or “total commerce solution,” in its words). These include virtual currency, payments, and analytics tools that developers can build in to games and other applications. Especially for companies that have not historically relied on free-to-play virtual goods, this sort of service allows them to add, monetize and measure virtual goods. For example, of a developer is trying to sell goods in a game that people play in, say, 26 countries scattered around the world, Live Gamer can provide services like currency conversion, fraud protection and  payment options (like mobile payments). In SOE’s case, Live Gamer may be able to help it make more money from these four games.

Rivals include PlaySpan, and a diversely-focused group of others including Fatfoogoo, Jambool and ORCA. Live Gamer has been focusing much of its business on established online games and social networks. It has a wide range of clients in North American and around the world, from game developer Gravity in South Korea to Spanish-language social network Quepasa.

Sony will be the first company to launch the upgraded version of Live Gamer, called Elements. Here’s the full list of features, from the company:

  • SaaS or on-premise installation: Leverage Live Gamer’s world-class hosting or run the platform inside publisher’s own data center
  • Support for the global economy:  Dynamic currency conversion and full support for localization
  • Enhanced user management: Per user e-wallet policies including overdraft or maximum balances, the industry’s most advanced velocity limiting, full parental controls around spending limits, gifting policies
  • Robust API support for integration into existing and 3rd party platforms, products, and applications:  RSS-like data feed to build alerts, reports and actions around certain in-game economic activity
  • Batch programming: Improves complex business logic to be performed at high speeds
  • Enhanced storefront: Web-storefront supports both OpenSocial integration and Facebook connect.
  • New reports build on industry leading analytics: Over 130 reports available including new reports showing revenue performance per payment gateway
  • Advanced tools to manage complex product configurations such as combined physical/virtual bundles, subscriptions plus virtual currency bundles and others
  • Recommendations and Promotions: Advanced merchandising such as upgraded recommendation engine and flexible discounting functionality
  • Advanced merchandising and discounting functionality