Live From Facebook's Major Mobile Event

We're live at Facebook's much-hyped mobile event at their headquarters in Palo Alto.

We’re live at Facebook’s much-hyped mobile event at their headquarters in Palo Alto. This is the fourth or fifth event in a little over a month as the company has announced one product after the next including the new Facebook groups and the partnership with Bing. While there is a lot of speculation about what’s being announced today nobody is quite sure, however given the number of developers at this week’s event we’d be willing to speculate that there is something platform related.

We’re waiting to be let in, however the announcements are supposed to begin at 10:30 Pacific. We’re assuming they’ll be a few minutes late but we’ve also embedded the live stream below for those who are interested in watching everything. We’ll be posting live updates and photos as well so refresh this page!

[10:30 PST] – Nokia appears to be one of the partners involved in this announcement as they will be speaking here. We’ve also heard that there are a whopping 22 partners as part of this announcement.

[10:35 PST] Looks like they are getting started with a video of Facebook Places. Mark Zuckerberg is now chatting. He also has a slide showing that there are over 200 million mobile users.

[10:38 PST] Facebook is about to update their iPhone application to include groups and there will a places update. In this iteration according to Mark there will be some improvements with the tagging features. Most significant is that you will be able to tag people after you check-in. Also there will be an update to the android device as pictured below. Included in this release is groups and places for Android devices.

Groups and Places Update

Facebook Android Screenshot

[10:42 PST] Now Mark is discussing their approach and most significantly he has dismissed the concept of a Facebook Phone altogether. Instead they are taking a horizontal approach, as pictured in the slide below. He states that this is the approach that the company will be using for a while now.

Horizontal Approach Slide

[10:44] Included in today’s announcement is the deals platform that we actually leaked last week. Today the company will also be opening up the write-API for Places. Today the company will be starting with a bunch of partnerships for the deals platform.

Facebook Deals and Single Sign On

[10:47] Erick Tseng is up to discuss today’s announcements. First up is the single sign-on feature. Interestingly enough the person who is being brought up to demo this is Mihir Shah from Groupon. Apparently the most significant thing about this was how short the code was. Next up to demo is Justin Cinicolo from Zynga.

Erick Tseng

Groupon Single Sign On

[10:57] Erick is back to thank the partners that were part of the Single Sign-On who are all pictured in the image below.

Single Sign On Partners

[10:59] He has also invited up Dave Fetterman to discuss the Location APIs. Today the company will be releasing the read, write, and search API. He’s demoing an example of Yelp. For example when he checked in previously on Yelp, Yelp could publish a stream story.

Dave Fetterman

Facebook Places Partners

[11:06] Sam Altman of Loopt is demoing a version of Loopt that shows where his Facebook friends are located. Unfortunately for Sam the demo keeps crashing … oh no!

[11:09] Dave is back up to demo some of the developer APIs which are both pictured below. Essentially companies can now search through the API and it will find Places that are most relevant to the user who the application is searching on behalf of.

Facebook Places API

Facebook Places Search API

[11:10 PST] Now up is another Facebook representative to discuss the new Deals Platform. The company is enabling organizations to push deals out to users. Below is a shot of the deals flow as it would work for a coffee shop.

Facebook Deals Flow Image

[11:13] Emily is now up to discuss how deals are created. Below is an image of how a deal is created. The process is pictured below. One other feature of the deals is that there will be deals for charity causes. These deals will also be available for Page owners.

Facebook Deals Creation Screen

Emily of Facebook

North Face Deals

Palms Deal

Warriors Deal

[11:21] – Mark’s back up to thank the team for creating these products. We’ll be posting follow-up articles about each of the new features being launched.