Live from Facebook: Zuckerberg to Discuss the Future of News Feed, Pages

We’re here at the Facebook press event with live updates on this morning’s announcements. Mark Zuckerberg and Chris Cox, Director of Product, will be presenting.

Zuckerberg: Over the past few years, we’ve made products that make it easier for people to share more information from more devices all the time. We hit an inflection point around 2006 where use of the site became primarily based on updates that were going on with people at that time, and that trend is going to continue happening. Today, a lot more sharing is happening through streams, and this will continue in the future. We think other companies doing things like this including Twitter and MySpace are doing really good things. Today, we’re announcing some steps we’re going to take in that direction.

Chris Cox: News Feed was the reason I came to Facebook. Mark was talking about the News Feed as a way to get a personalized newspaper about all the things your friends are doing every day. Today, I’m going to discuss where we’re going with our product strategy in 2009 and two new products we’re going to be rolling out.

When you think about different media, each one changes the scale and the pace with which people communicate. New institutions arise when new media arise. In the beginning, Facebook was a lot like an American class book. Then, we built News Feed, because we noticed that people were really interested in seeing what had changed with their friends’ profiles. In 2007, we realized that applications were putting a lot of the content in that stream every day, so we invited application developers to build on top of the Platform. In 2008, we redesigned the profile around the Wall. When we launched this, engagement on the site went up, and people shared more.

There are lots of different types of objects on the site. There’s me, there’s my friends, family, coworkers, and public profiles (Pages). In 2009, we’re really focused on getting things super simple and flexible. For the stream, this means making it easier to filter. Today, we’re announcing “Profiles for Everyone,” and a redesigned home page.

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