Live from EA’s Summer Showcase

We’re at Electronic Arts’s Summer Showcase in Redwood Shores to live blog the keynote. The publisher is showing off a bunch of different titles for different systems, including a wide number of mobile and social games for iOS and Android. After some wireless connection issues, we’re online.

1:04 PM: COO Peter Moore just left the stage, designer Yuri Bialoskursky took the stage to talk about Madden on the Wii-U.

1:05 PM: Mat Prior just took the stage to introduce FIFA 13 for the Wii-U. He says EA wanted to bring a unique experience to the Wii-U. “If your dad can use a mobile [phone], he can play FIFA on the Wii-U.

1:07 PM: We’re being shown a demo of FIFA 13 on the Wii-U. The graphics are nice and sharp, and you can see the screen display on the controller from the audience.

1:10 PM: The Manager mode was just brought up, showing how the game can be a much more casual experience, providing a top-down perspective of the soccer field with all the players represented by colored circles and names.

1:15 PM: FIFA 13 will be a Wii-U launch title.

1:16 PM: Nick Rish, VP of Mobile Publishing just took the stage. He says EA is bringing 40 social, mobile and free-to-play titles out this year. New title from Chillingo, the new mobile studio it formed, and something “brain tingling from PopCap.”

1:20 PM: Dan Nord, Senior director of Global Product Management took the stage to talk about mobile features for FIFA 13 on iOS. Dramatic graphic improvements, new control buttons for offense and defense, and a new online multiplayer feature allows players to go against any friend via Origin.

1:21 PM: We have a demo of a live multiplayer game going on, with the guy in the theater playing against a friend in Los Angeles. Both are playing on the iPad. Players can post replay videos to YouTube.

1:22 PM: Rob Murray of FireMonkeys (the merger between Fire Mint and Iron Monkey) just took the stage. He’s announcing Real Racing 3. We’re getting a video preview of the game in a minute, but the screenshots they’re showing off are stunning. The game’s going to feature a 22 car grid (meaning there will be a total of 22 cars in a race), real car models and and real world tracks.

1:24 PM:  Real Racing 3 is due out sometime this year. Also: everyone in the audience may be deaf after the demo video we were just shown.

1:25 PM: There’s a trailer of Chillingo’s Orc: Vengeance (already out on the iOS App Store).

1:26 PM: Levi Buchanan of Chillingo just took the stage. He says Chillingo is dedicated to players of all types, and Orc: Vengeance is made for core gamers. We’re getting a player demo now of the third-person RPG. We’re getting a demo of how inventory management works, as well as the game’s touch controls and 3D graphics. The gameplay and graphics look a lot like Torchlight.

1:29 PM: Van Riker, Franchise Marketing Manager for PopCap just ook the stage. He’s introducing Talking Zombatar. It’s the first Plants vs. Zombies free-to-play product. Basically, the app allows players to create custom avatars they dress out in various outfits, take photos with, post YouTube videos of, unlock daily rewards with, and the zombie becomes smarter the more users play with it.

1:34 PM: The mobile part of the presentation is finished. EA is now moving on to more PC and console titles.