Live: Facebook Terms of Service Announcement

We are covering the call with Facebook live and on the call now are Elliot Schrage of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. We’ll post updates below.
Mark Zuckerberg: Today we’re going to discuss the new governing documents of Facebook. As the service grows to 175 million users, openness is not an end state but it’s also a process. It’s a framework of how we want to think about it and move forward with it. We took last week as a strong signal of how people wanted to be involved in the governing process. These are the foundational policies that we are putting in place for the site going forward. We’ll talk today about policy and not about product.
There will be hundreds and thousands of product changes over time but this call is just to discuss how we’ll be moving forward. There are new mechanisms for user involvement in modifying documents. If we want the world to be more open and transparent then having an open process is the only way to do that.
We want to be clear that we do not own user data and we feel bad that we gave this impression. Now we are going to open up for more questions.

Kara Swisher: How did you get to changing this without the transparency and what drove you to change it initially without making it public?
Mark Zuckerberg: Initially it was more of a contract then a governing document. We think that this time around it’s unprecedented in involving the users. What we’re doing here is we’re writing into the Facebook terms of service that users can have feedback and even vote on the terms. For how important a service this is to a lot of people, it’s really important that we build the governance into this.
Kara Swisher: When you say vote what does that mean? Who get’s to choose what happens.
Elliot Schrage: It’s not an up or down vote, and we’re confident that people will participate.
Rafe Needleman: Did you not learn from previous changes? Why did it take this latest slap to implement this new focus?
Mark Zuckerberg: Beacon was not about the terms of service. This is more of a dialogue around the governing terms of the site.
Elliot Schrage: Part of the challenge is that what was proposed in the new terms was remarkably similar in what other sites have. Some of the blogs that were critical of us have had some of the same types of terms. Mark Zuckerberg believes that we need to hold ourselves to a higher level.
Taylor Buley (Forbes): You mentioned the amount of user involvement here is unprecedented. The main reason this is unpreceted is that many of the laws around this country are very ambiguous. How are you considering international laws here? Will you revise your terms in accordance with your most stringent policies?
Ted: We’ll adjust as necessary.
Brian Deacon (IBD): Can you comment at all about steps to that Facebook is taking to prevent phishing and security threats?
Elliot: This is not the purpose of the call thanks.
Stacy Kramer (Paid Content): You were asked about Beacon but this goes back as far as the news feed changes to community response to corporate moves. What can you learn from those that should be taken into all of this and why did it take this long?
Mark Zuckerberg: This is something we should have a lot of dialogue about. We’ll keep building the product the best that we can. We aren’t always best served by communicating about all these things but we will stay in contact with the community.