Live Coverage Of Facebook's Advertising Announcement

-Sheryl Sandberg Announcement-Sheryl Sandberg is speaking today at 11:00 AM EDT. We’ve embedded the stream of the keynote live below. We’re expecting Sheryl to announce “Brand Lift” the company’s new partnership with Nielsen to measure the effectiveness of various advertising campaigns. We actually have some screenshots of Brand Lift in action that we’ll be updating this post with shortly. In the meantime you can watch the stream live below.

[11:06 AM EDT] – We’re still waiting for Sheryl to come on stage. The stream just temporarily posted a shot of the stage however we’re still on stand by.

[11:13] – We’re still waiting … hopefully this gets started soon because I have a plane to catch!

[11:18] – Apparently Al Sharpton delayed this process … thanks Al!

[11:19] – Sheryl is now on the stage and talking about how many users they have, growing in 1 year from 100 million to 300 million users.

[11:21] – Sheryl is saying that she was concerned that 50 percent of users wouldn’t keep active daily, but even at 300 million users they still have 50 percent active daily. The average user now has 130 friends instead of 120 friends (which supports my argument that users can support more relationships thanks to Facebook). She also mentions that over 15,000 websites now use Facebook Connect.

[11:23] – Sheryl is discussion how the average user spends 5.75 hours on Facebook per month.

[11:25] – Sheryl is now telling the story of the burglar that broke into a house and then logged in to Facebook. Also mentioning the example of Roger Federer’s first baby photos that were posted on Facebook.

[11:28] – Sheryl is telling more stories including the story of a “boyfriend” of when she was younger. Also mentioning stories of Iran (something Twitter got a lot of coverage for). Still waiting to hear about the new advertising product though!

[11:30] – Sheryl is now discussing engagement ads which were introduced last year. Whether it’s gifts, viewing videos, or more. Also last near the new version of Facebook Pages was relaunched and 3 of the top 15 are now brands. Sheryl is giving an overview of how valuable Pages are for developing ongoing relationships with users. vitaminwater, Starbucks, and Best Buy have all had great successes on Facebook.

[11:32] – John of Papa Johns is also personally communicating with users on Facebook. More examples of pages from brands including a cupcake shop in Palo Alto.

[11:33] – This week Facebook will announce the “Engagement Sampling Ad” which lets users receive samples from companies. Texas Pete’s hot sauce was one example that sent out over 5,000 samples to users in Texas.

[11:36] – Sheryl is saying that brands want measurement and Facebook will provide that through a partnership with Nielsen. Facebook will now be able to tell you what users they think of your brand, whether they remember the product, and whether they intend to make a purchase in the future. This data will be available in a matter of days.

P&G ran a campaign for Secret. Nielsen showed an 11 percent lift in users that were exposed to the advertisement for Secret in their likelihood to purchase, and users that became fans saw a 33 percent lift in their purchase intent.

[11:38] – CEO of Nielsen is now on stage talking about the new partnership. 10 percent of television users are engaged on social networks simultaneously according to Nielsen. The “Brand Lift” product uses opt-in polls (as pictured below) to find out about purchase intent and awareness, and there’s no personally identifiable information released to Nielsen. This new product will be expanded to elsewhere on the web (something I mentioned yesterday).

[11:43] – Sheryl explained how the CEO of Sony Pictures said he wanted more measurement so they’ve brought him to the stage. He’s discussing how Facebook is similar to the way television was in the early 1950s … no measurement. The primary argument is that having access to information about user intent is extremely important. He also included the importance of using Facebook to promote District 9 (screenshots of poll displayed below). One interesting statistics about “The Ugly Truth” movie. Once they ran the campaign on Facebook, women over 35 were “85 percent more likely” to purchase a ticket.

[11:47] – Sheryl is back and now they are taking questions. I’m hopping on a plane so you can watch the video for questions!

Below are screenshots of tests of the supposed “Brand Lift” product which test the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by polling users before and after a campaign is shown to them. The screenshots below are examples for the movies Bandslam and District 9. Have you seen similar polls? (Thanks to Cyrus Radfar of Clearspring for sending us the screenshots).

Poll Shown Before Display of Bandslam Ad
-Pre Bandslam Ad-

Poll Shown Post Display of Bandslam Ad
-Post Bandslam Ad-

Poll Shown After Seeing District 9 Ad
-Post District 9 Ad-