Live Chat with Daily News EIC Happening Now

Kevin Convey does live chats with Daily News readers fairly often, and they’re always pretty fun to read. Head over now if you’ve got a question for him. Below are a few choice cuts from the session so far.

Whats the future of the Daily News? Where do you see the paper in 5 year? 10 years?

The paper will still be here and thriving, I’m sure. But the Daily News will be much more of a digital brand, as will every other newspaper in the world.

What time does the actual printing of the papers begin?

Our first edition editorial deadline is 9:30 and we start printing shortly thereafter.

Why does the paper cost more now? Because the Post did it?

The paper costs more now for three reasons: it costs more to produce; we haven’t raised the price in more than a decade while the cost of everything else has risen; and because declining ad support requires that readers make a greater contribution to the cost of the product. What’s more, the paper has been repeatedly improved over that time. What other product that costs 75 cents contains so much vital information? Can you even get a cup of coffee for 75 cents? (If so, please let me know.)