Live-Blogging / Twittering The Debate

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8:17: @cspan Twitters that 3,100 media credentials were requested for this debate.

8:19: Wonkette will be live-blogging starting at 8:30

8:21: TVNewser is blogging the pre-party.

8:23: Google tells us what the world is thinking about right now (as if there was any question):

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8:36: Who do you prefer? Chuck Todd or John King? I posed that question on Twitter and most people are telling me Chucky T.

8:37: You have to watch C-SPAN right now to see what’s going on on stage…predebate. Like the rules, speeches, etc.

8:38: Gosh, if any of us had any courage, we’d start Twittering about which talking heads on TV don’t actually deserve to be there

8:50: I wish we could chart the number of times cable talking heads mention Palin vs. Biden (answer: super high for Palin)

8:52: Donna Brazille: If we took people off the air who are writing books and giving speeches, we’d have a blank screen

8:52: Ed Rollins: Conservatives will break Ifill’s other leg if she screws up tonight

9:09: At least papa smurf was skinned for an attractive moderator jacket

9:10: Drink. First “Never Again” reference.

9:10: Glenn Reynolds has a good roundup of livebloggers (and thanks for the love!).

9:11: Ten bucks Palin uses the phrase “like the dickens!” during this debate.

9:15: How it looks…ABC News Now:

9:18: Sarah Palin is winning this debate thus far, regardless of substance

9:20: This debate’s “John McCain is right…” video compilation is Joe Biden smiling at Sarah Palin.

9:21: Palin’s strategy: Say things that — true or not — require Biden to clarify with technical language in order to sort through it.

9:22: How it looks: CSPAN online

9:25: Palin drops bomb…Biden cleans up the mess. A f’ing brilliant strategy by Palin…

9:28: How it looks…

9:29: Christ: Sarah Palin has the biggest flag pin ever.

9:34: couldn’t every state be an energy producing state? That’s like saying “is it within walking distance?” Well, yes, technically…

9:38: how people think the word “tolerant” (i.e. “I tolerate so and so…”) is a Frank Luntz approved word is beyond me…

9:39: Count the amount of times Joe Biden says “Look…” (context)

9:40: Earmark anti-enthusiast Mark Tapscott says Biden’s bridge to nowhere line could be the best line of the night

9:45: A snapshot of how the stations looked at 9:30…

9:59: Jonathan Martin’s feeling what I’m feeling: “Palin was prepped to avoid getting in a tit-for-tat and focus on just getting out her message.”

10:01: Says Ben Smith: In the Couric interviews, she answered every question. Now, she’s ignoring questions.

10:09: Weird. is down…

10:33: David Gregory says there was no clear knock out

10:34: Brit Hume: She seemed perfectly comfortable…avoided gaffes.

Fred Barnes: She was feisty and informal. She was knowledgeable, didn’t make one embarassing mistake. Biden did what you expect Joe Biden to do at his soberist best.

10:39: David Gergen on CNN: It was the Sarah Palin of the earlier part of the campaign, not The Sarah Palin that showed up for hte Katie Couric interview. Joe Biden gave the best debate performance of his life. He had superiority on knowledge. On political points, it was a draw. As as debate, he was a spirited debater.

Rowland Martin: I thought Palin was smart in a folksy manner. Biden was absolutely strong by bringing up health care and bringing up those hard core pocketbook issues. If I had to pick, he clearly won it.

Gloria Burger: She did improve towards the end of the debate. Biden was uncharacteristically restrained.

Hillary Rosen: I didn’t feel like Palin substantively gave answers. She wouldn’t even talk about bankruptcy and the mortage crisis. When it came to Iraq she wandered all over the place.

Ed Rollins; She exceeded expecftations

10:42: Buchanan on MSNBC: Biden was boring. Maddow: Boring and right vs. exciting and wrong. Buchanan: She won the debate and you know it.

10:43: Frank Luntz’s focus group was impressed by Palin. “She was mainstream America.” An exception: “She came out better than expected, but I don’t think there was a clear cut winner tonight.” Everyone thought she was better than expected.

10:47: Both Obama and McCain bought cable ads for right after the debate ended.

10:48: Greta on Fox: “I like the plain talk. I may have had some fancy school and fancy education, but I’m basically I’m a mid-Westerner. … She’s a plain talker and that’s very attractive to people. … They disagree with her but they like her language.”

10:51: John Harwood on CNBC: “With all the doggoneits…does that seem like someone who could be a president of the United States?”