Live Blogging Facebook’s Lockdown Products Launch: Download All Your Data, Control App Access, and New Groups

Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg is on stage here at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto.

Our paraphrased notes below.

10:40 We’ve been in lockdown mode and we’re really excited about what’s coming out. We worked on Photos, Chat, and more.

We also focused a lot on cleaning up quality. We’ve always prided ourselves on having real people and real information in graphs, so we focused on cutting spam, changed games policies. Now, all users have real names — make them prove it to us that they’re real.

We’ve been rolling out Places, only available in a few countries and the iPhone. Already, it’s by far the biggest Places and location app out there. Looking forward to rolling it out more.

We also started with Questions. We’re really happy; quality of questions is really high.

On the platform side, you get more activity if your friends are playing games, more consistent navigation if you’re into playing them. So far, it’s been neutral for game developers. App developers have seen a surge in growth.

We have more Connect and Instant Personalization partners, too.

Lockdown was busy. Bunch more releases coming up in the next months.

10:45 What we’re trying to do here is build a social platform. That’s different from a social application. App is one use case — photos for friends, inviting to events, playing games, posting status updates. Hard to get those dynamics right.

More challenging: a platform where you can bring the connections across all the apps in a seamless way.

Key is having an easy way to control information — each is a little different. Family vacation, work activity, etc.

Key is for people to have really simple controls that are powerful enough to apply across a wide variety of contexts. If we build this, then we can enable the kind of innovation that you’ve seen on the best platforms that have been built. The key to that is building a system where people have control of their information in all sorts of different contexts.

Three things to talk about:

1. Making it easy for people to take their information to another service, do in a safe way. People should own and have control over the information they put into Facebook. They should be able to take it down if they want. Over the past few years, we’ve been focused on building Connect. Around a million sites are using it.

But one of the challenges, though, is that we want to make sure that there’s a way for people to bring their information…. A lot of the time people just want to have a copy of their application. Right now, unless you build on the Graph API, there was no way to get it. But there was no way to download

Now there is. “Download your information.” You can easily bring your information to any context on the web

2. The “Apps that you use” dashboard. Last time that they’ve accessed all the data they’ve accessed. You can go in, change permissions. Pretty meaningful for giving people information. Pretty important steps for building towards a social platform.

That’s the overview for the first.

10:50 David Recordon, senior open programs manager

Come click the download button, we’ll send you an email with all of your photos, messages, wall posts, events, friends. You’ll have a copy of them. Copy is really all in one place, in your zip file. You need to take security seriously here. We’ll give you a password and other means to confirm that you’re you.

We wanted it to be useful to normal people. It’ll pop open the web browser. File from download will appear, with profile info. Wall. All recent wall posts. You can scroll through that. So easy and quick.

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